Good food ... read more
Carlos Gaitan via - May 21, 2017
I went for lunch first time, my girlfriend said it was good. Actually food were great and reasonable price as well. But service wasn't good as other india restaurant I've been to. ... read more
Song Yun via - May 20, 2017
I have been eating at Taj Palace ...
I have been eating at Taj Palace since it opened. The buffet is always good, the food not too spicy. My only problem is with the owner: She never smiles, she is always very serious and cold. This woman has seen my kids grow from babies to adults, yet she has never once asked about them or even acknowledged my decades of patronage. If ... read more
john j. via - May 10, 2017
I dream of naan pillows
After a long drive and finding ourselves in a not so great hotel, we decided to get some dinner... Taj Palace was right down the road from where we were staying. Indian food has always been comfort food for us, so we thought "Why not? Can't get any worse?" Luckily, it didn't. In fact our meal at Taj Palace was one of the high point ... read more
jhoips via - May 3, 2017
Awesome lunch
Visited Austin and after being there a few days wanted something other than tacos and Tex-Mex. Great decision. Excellent buffet. Moist, seasoned just right, fresh nan brought to the table. They have been in business 26 years. Now I understand why.
wmfmercer via - Apr 27, 2017
The food is good, but somewhat pricey. ... read more
Daniel Moon via - Apr 26, 2017
Restaurant has a nice vibe and ...
Restaurant has a nice vibe and we enjoyed the Bollywood movie playing in the background! Popadoms and pickle tray were very nice with a few pickles/chutneys I had never tried before. Coming from the UK where we have so many Indian restaurants, we've been finding it hard to find an authentic taste here in Texas...this is as close as w ... read more
Gemma B. via - Apr 22, 2017
The food was well priced and was really good. I recommend this restaurant to others.
Jagpal Singh via - Apr 20, 2017
Buen restaurante. El personal muy amable, y la comida es buena. Precios razonables.
Buen restaurante. El personal muy amable, y la comida es buena. Precios razonables.
Sam Ruiz via - Apr 11, 2017
Great Vegetarian Options
The food and service here is great. I strongly recommend the dal makhani and their naan is on point. I'll definitely be returning.
bafind via - Apr 6, 2017
I love tish place, the food is very good and the staff friendly. I think they make the bread on the premises, it's so fresh!
Deborah Ivey via - Apr 4, 2017
Everything is well prepared and fresh. ... read more
Cameron Shooshtari via - Apr 1, 2017
All the food is delicious and the food is separated by vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
Hannah via - Mar 27, 2017
The buffet is always fresh and savory! I cannot get enough.. yummy ... read more
Siegrid Saiz via - Mar 20, 2017
I love this place. ... read more
Aileh SRK via - Mar 20, 2017
Had the catered at work a few times, all the food was very good.
Kyle Mueller via - Mar 18, 2017
Excellent. A little pricey but great service.
happy blogger via - Mar 11, 2017
Excellent buffet with a nice variety of dishes.
Paul Clark via - Mar 10, 2017
This place is some of the most friendly wait staff and the best food in Austin.
Erik Fager via - Mar 8, 2017
Amazing service and delicious food!
The service is always incredible, everyone on the staff is very friendly and attentive. The restaurant is quiet and clean. I've ordered food to go before and they were fast, packaged everything well, and the order was perfect. The food tastes great. Everything I've tried there is delicious. This is my favorite Indian place in town.
HulahoopHolly via - Mar 8, 2017
Authentic. Leans toward veg although Tandoori was quite good. ... read more
Dan Vardell via - Mar 1, 2017
My favourite for real authentic ...
My favourite for real authentic North Indian Food and Tandoor dishes. Had been here many times, they never failed me for dine-in or carry out. Many times we request the dishes which are not in menu and the Chef understands exactly what we are looking for and prepares especially for us. Again today, returning from a weekend getaway fr ... read more
Raj W. via - Feb 19, 2017
Great food and service
We got the mataraja meal which is a 3 course meal and it was excellent. The appettizure was tender and full of flavor. The entrees were chicken, lamb, and spinach with cheese. The only one that was laking flavor was the spinach with cheese. The dessert was perfect not to sweet. The service was phenomenal great timing for the courses.
mel19802016 via - Feb 15, 2017
I loved how quiet and clean it is always good and buffet dishes changes daily. Its always great for the lunch buffet..But no buffet in the afternoon...
David Torres via - Feb 10, 2017
The food is always fresh and wonderfully cooked. The service is outstanding. Every time I come here it feels like I'm at home.
Baron Lord Sir Phinneus DeGiant via - Jan 23, 2017
I came here on recommendation, ...
I came here on recommendation, and I do not regret it. I have had a LOT of Indian food, and have yet to ever have great Indian buffet-style. Well, this place has set the standard! It was delicious, the drinks were kept full and the food was seasoned in such a way that I did not want to stop eating. I can't pronounce half of what I at ... read more
James R. via - Jan 18, 2017
Just returned from an amazing lunch ...
Just returned from an amazing lunch buffet here. Literally every dish I tried was enjoyable and well made.Palak Paneer was great. The daal was sublime, and the service was very quick in clearing my dishes. Overall an amazing experience and a must try for people in the area.
Robert F. via - Jan 6, 2017
Wonderful meal today; the food was all fresh and seasoned well, nothing was too bland. The staff were very kind and attentive. I really enjoyed the Gobi 65, spicy breaded cauliflower in a tangy red sauce. The goat curry was excellent as well, and my naan soaked up more palak paneer than I want to admit. Clean atmosphere with lovely m ... read more
Trenton Ray via - Jan 5, 2017
Came here with a Groupon. The experience as a whole was pretty good. Had to wait quite awhile to get our food though, which was interesting, considering it wasn't very crowded at all. The food was good, but the chicken dish we ordered was a little dry. Would give it another chance if it came up. ... read more
Khang Tran via - Jan 3, 2017
Great buffet ...... excellent service ...
Great buffet ...... excellent service , Place does need to be updated , Its the same as it was in the early 90's ....... but overall a great dining experience !
Khaled G. via - Dec 31, 2016
Perfect place for Asian cousin ... read more
Eric Obeng via - Dec 14, 2016
keep the goat curry on tge buffet menu.
Samuel Himawan via - Dec 9, 2016
Their lunch buffet is amazing, their staff is always super kind, and the Bollywood movies in the evening are perfect for my kids. Thank you, Taj Palace, for being so awesome!
Matthew Bradford via - Dec 2, 2016
I thought their naan was pretty good ... read more
Paul DeMello via - Nov 30, 2016
Happy Willhoite via - Nov 26, 2016
Great Chana Masala!
Karen Slafter via - Nov 13, 2016
A wonderful experience!
Was in the area for a conference and we decided in Indian food. I had driven by this place for years but never visited. We went for lunch and there was a buffet which had a wide variety of Indian food. Everything seemed fresh, not dry like many buffets. The kitchen crew were refilling the trays as needed and management was regularly ... read more
AdvTravelR via - Nov 5, 2016
Great reasonably priced buffet with classic options, and things I haven't tried before. Samosas were perfect, and the service was great - not too much, not too little. would definitely return and would recommend. ... read more
David Pfeffer via - Oct 18, 2016
Great lunch buffet!
We recently returned to Taj Palace, and found that the lunch buffet was even better than we remembered. It is a great value, and the food is constantly refreshed (unlike some other buffets). Good service and lovely atmosphere.
Mark A via - Oct 17, 2016
I had a really great experience here! I got very respectful and kind service, even though I was a mess ( worked a 16hr shift, tired, dirty scrubs). This place was nice looking and i flet underdressed. I loved the variety and especially liked that the staff was more than happy to explain what was in each dish. My top pick definitel ... read more
Ricardo Zepeda via - Oct 13, 2016
Excellent chicken korma and goat ...
Excellent chicken korma and goat curry! The lunch buffet is definitely where it's at - $10.95 for fresh, hot food that is continuously being replenished. Also, they have very nice, authentic, refreshing desserts to follow all that spicy curry!
Courtney F. via - Oct 5, 2016
Taj Palace is the most expensive ...
Taj Palace is the most expensive Indian lunch buffet in Austin. It's also a strong contender for the best. It's rare to see a lunch buffet so replete with not only a strong variety of dishes, but so many items that "float my boat" so to speak.It's important to know what kind of Indian food I go for in this sense. I lean more South th ... read more
Sam B. via - Oct 5, 2016
Delicious tikka Masada. ... read more
Tim Irwin via - Oct 4, 2016
Great diversity of Indian food. Nan was best I've had in months. Lunch special is fairly priced. But the winner is desert section, Yummy!!!
Oriana Caballero via - Sep 26, 2016
My favorite Indian food in Austin ...
My favorite Indian food in Austin. Don't let the weird location in a strip mall put you off. What it lacks in elegant location it makes up in food. The lunch buffet is awesome, plenty of hearty veg and non-veg dishes, all fresh and very authentic. My friends from India were so delighted to find this place since most of the Indian foo ... read more
M M. via - Sep 25, 2016
This place is not far from my house and I absolutely love it! Haven't had the opportunity to try th
This place is not far from my house and I absolutely love it! Haven't had the opportunity to try the buffet but the take out is great! A bit pricy but it's a lot of food. One order is good for two meals for me.
Hollie Whitten via - Sep 12, 2016
A very nice place. Arrived just before they close out for buffet and had an awesome food. Good food for price ... read more
S.A. Shivram via - Sep 12, 2016
I've always wanted to try this ...
I've always wanted to try this kind of food and I finally did it. I'm not a fan of buffets, but I definitely tried this one because I wanted to try everything they had. I love the chicken curry,the naan bread was delicious,there's also the vegetarian section. I really like the ambiance too.
Jose N. via - Sep 3, 2016
Taj Palace is in a little corner ...
Taj Palace is in a little corner of Austin close to a new ACC campus, plenty of parking and the food is very good. I prefer to order off menu than their buffet, lamb korma was excellent and their garlic naan breads. Mango lassi to drink compliments the spicier meals.
Ellen O. via - Sep 3, 2016
Easily the best Indian restaurant ...
Easily the best Indian restaurant in Austin. My husband and I started coming here about a year ago and we LOVE IT! The service is always great and the food is so wonderful! I usually go for the paneer mahkani masala and I love it! It's creamy and a bowl of happiness. My husband is all over the place, but usually gets the lamb korma. ... read more
Melissa M. via - Aug 18, 2016
Decent Indian buffet, a lot of ...
Decent Indian buffet, a lot of vegetarian options. They bring fresh nan to your table. I mainly ate the rice, chicken makhani, tandoori chicken, and naan. It didn't blow me away but it was a solid meal. Restaurant was clean and service was adequate and quick. I might be back if I'm craving Indian again before this trip is over.
Andrew B. via - Aug 16, 2016
We came to Taj Palace for the lunch ...
We came to Taj Palace for the lunch buffet during work one day and I definitely recommend it for vegans and vegetarians. I don't eat any meat but I do splurge and have some dairy every now and again. The nicest thing about this place is that everything on the buffet is labeled vegan or vegetarian, and being an Indian restaurant, ther ... read more
Dani A. via - Aug 13, 2016
I get takeout curry from here once every so often. They have a nice mobile website for ordering and they package the food well for transport. The naan is occasionally a little overdone for my tastes, but I think they make a nice korma. ... read more
Scott Simmons via - Aug 12, 2016
I've been a fan for years but I ...
I've been a fan for years but I really thought it was a good move when they started to bring freshly bakes naan to the tables. Awesome - nice and crispy. I love their veggie and rice dishes as well as their chutneys. My only disappointment lies in that they don't make beef dishes anymore. They used to have a tasty beef and pea dish a ... read more
Angie S. via - Aug 11, 2016
Friendly owner and great food. Not as spicy as I would have liked, but I got the all-you-can-eat buffet, which was probably toned down for common consumers.
Shawn Carpenter via - Aug 10, 2016
Simple buffet that kept me going ...
Simple buffet that kept me going back for more...  3 plates worth.  Quiet setting.  Would love to go again.
Andrew T. via - Aug 4, 2016
Solid, no frills Indian food. Quick service, good food, and fair price.
Nick Kuipers via - Jul 27, 2016
This is the best Indian food to ...
This is the best Indian food to be found in Austin.  Always fresh, naan superb, and excellent, friendly, professional service.  Since discovering this restaurant some time ago and working nearby, I have since moved west of Austin but get back there as often as possible.  It's my choice for lunch when I'm in Austin.  Forget the hambur ... read more
Patricia G. via - Jul 25, 2016
Stopped in for a Mango Lassi!  Did ...
Stopped in for a Mango Lassi!  Did not let me down.  Did not have a chance to try out any of the many dishes this time but plan yo next as my son will attend school up the street:) ... read more
Lin R. via - Jul 18, 2016
Avoid the buffet, just order from ...
Avoid the buffet, just order from the menu. Their "On Menu" meals are fantastic, I have been going here for years, but their Buffet is pretty underwhelming overall. So go for a sit down dinner! Lamb Biryani! Woot!
Marcus G. via - Jul 18, 2016
First time eating here for lunch. Buffett Buffett Buffett!!!
Aeh Vee via - Jul 15, 2016
Five stars for one of my favorite ...
Five stars for one of my favorite Indian restaurants. I love coming here for a quick buffet. I also like that you can purchase a to-go box and fill it up from the buffet. That way you can get several different options instead of one type of curry to eat with your rice. The food is always fresh, as they often replenish the dishes. The ... read more
Nee J. via - Jun 28, 2016
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