I'm not a fan of Indian food. But, I was pleased with the dishes I was served. I know there's an underlying ingredient(s) that a lot of diners do not accept on their discerning palette. Service was excellent.
Culinary Cad via - Jun 18, 2018
Good ... read more
Shailaja Sadhani via - Jun 14, 2018
I have been enjoying their lunch buffet for over 15 years and I have never been disappointed. The lentil soup, sag paneer and Chicken Makhani keep me coming back. I'm afraid some of the very few negative reviews are from competitors. No fair. :( ... read more
Lisa DeLong via - Jun 13, 2018
Some of the best Indian I've had! Very flavorful. They are not afraid to use spice. It's not spicy just very very flavorful. The Monday dinner buffet is fantastic! Can't wait to come back for the all vegetarian Tuesday Disney buffet. Yum!
Natalia Harvey via - Jun 11, 2018
Out of all the Buffet i had till now this ...
Out of all the Buffet i had till now this one is one was the best interms of Taste, Value for Money and the Spread as they had 2 soups 2 desserts, tea soo many veg and non veg options along with Starters.
Mayur Sanghvi via - May 29, 2018
This place is quite small but the food beats any Indian food in Austin that I have been to. It seems that extra time is taken to make this food. I will be back again and again.
Heberto Lira via - May 18, 2018
The most wonderful place to eat if you'd like vegetarian food ... read more
Star Mcgowan via - May 1, 2018
Good service, friendly, GREAT food!
We went by with not much time and just got an appetizer and some Indian bread. Both were so good that we wished that we had time for a full meal. Very authentic Indian food.
Bob H via - Apr 30, 2018
Been going here more than 15 years. I travel from New Braunfels now just to eat their luncheon buffet. The best.
Sandra Parrish Tubb via - Apr 28, 2018
Love the food ... read more
Kamar Thompson via - Apr 27, 2018
Food was very good, would recommend ... read more
Terry McCanless via - Apr 24, 2018
Great atmosphere and amazing service. Would definitely recommend Checking this place out ... read more
Adam Joy via - Apr 22, 2018
While among the pricier lunch buffets it feels justified because the food quality is above just a buffet. Food is delicious, selection is great, and fresh naan is always on hand. You certainly get what you pay for and I've never had a bad experience.
chemicalman53 via - Apr 18, 2018
My favorite Indian restaurant since I was a teen...still great now.
Me Grimlock via - Apr 17, 2018
Great food... good service... if you like curry the goat curry is to die for... just make sure you get some extra naan to help clean up that goat curry sauce...yumm ... read more
joe Alvarez via - Apr 15, 2018
I had the lamb tika with garlic ...
I had the lamb tika with garlic nan. It was really tasty and came out of the kitchen in fair time. Great for take out.
Des W. via - Apr 15, 2018
Awesome buffet ... read more
Shraddha Shinde via - Apr 12, 2018
I loved this place! I was surprised ...
I loved this place! I was surprised because from the outside it looks scary and even my husband was like... um... where are we... but once you walk in its so beautiful and everyone is so nice and they give you a 5 star experience. The food was awesome, large portions and very yummy!
Mrs. L. via - Apr 12, 2018
Goat curry. The real key to a girls ...
Goat curry. The real key to a girls heart.This place is always great. We used to go once a week and they always made us feel like they remembered us.
Taryn H. via - Apr 3, 2018
My new Favotite ... read more
Deb Evatt via - Apr 2, 2018
food was great. Service, a bit off but not bad ... read more
Josh Morrow via - Apr 2, 2018
Love the food. Quite pleasant atmosphere. One of our top 5 favorites overall in Austin, for the price.
Patrick VanHaren via - Mar 31, 2018
A solid 4 stars. Nice interior ...
A solid 4 stars. Nice interior, really great service. Food is good but nothing special. They had an egg curry that had full boiled eggs inside it that was novel for me. In general I just liked the interior for some unexplained reason.
Brian B. via - Mar 26, 2018
Tried it for the first time and ...
Tried it for the first time and was blown away. Out of curiosity, I decided to try this indian place as I am always in the area and work close by. I had the chicken curry and naan bread and it was fantastic. Chicken curry had great flavor, the rice was cooked perfectly, and the naan bread was authentic. I will be coming here as a reg ... read more
Noob S. via - Mar 25, 2018
Food and service were top notch!
Barbara Lujan via - Mar 23, 2018
My favorite Indian restaurant since I was a teen...still great now.
G1 Soundwave via - Mar 20, 2018
Awesome Indian food each time! Great service as well! Best saag paneer!
Lizette Rocha via - Mar 20, 2018
Great lunch buffet ... read more
Madelaine Lopez via - Mar 20, 2018
Some of the best Indian food I have EVER had!
Alison R via - Mar 20, 2018
Nice Monday evening buffet!!!
Noneya Biz via - Mar 19, 2018
My favorite Indian restaurant since I was a teen...still great now.
ALFAL*PHA BITS via - Mar 18, 2018
Good food great service very friendly people ... read more
Laura Kuenstler via - Mar 17, 2018
Nice place, nice food, and nice service. Liked it.
Nice place, nice food, and nice service. Liked it.
Bikash Shrestha via - Mar 15, 2018
Lunch Buffet: The tandoori chicken is phenomenal, they had a large variety of interesting and tasty vegetarian items, and the atmosphere was calm and pleasant.
B F via - Mar 7, 2018
Good food ... read more
Bob Allen via - Mar 4, 2018
The food and people were great. I thoroughly enjoyed my food ... read more
Angela McDonald via - Mar 4, 2018
Mostly normal dishes ... read more
bharat varma via - Mar 1, 2018
This was a very good surprise.
This was a very good surprise. My dad and I were down for the Formula 1 race and we both love Indian food. We just happened to find it on yelp maps and we loved it. Very fresh sauces, vindaloo was made perfectly with the twang of fresh ripe tomatoes.
Ahmad Y. via - Feb 27, 2018
Very nice and quiet place. Food is so good. Staff is nice ... read more
fatima mohsin via - Feb 22, 2018
Great ... read more
Psp David via - Feb 19, 2018
Tasty vegetarian buffet on some nights.
Brian Williams via - Feb 19, 2018
One of the few Indian restaurants Serving a dinner buffet. Food was a good spread ... read more
Natasha Nambiar via - Feb 12, 2018
Great ... read more
Patty David via - Feb 8, 2018
Low-key indian restaurant with ...
Low-key indian restaurant with dinner buffets Monday nights. Pretty good! There wasn't too much variety but all the main dishes that everyone looks for (chicken curry, etc) were there. Naan was hot and fresh.Service was pretty good since it's a pretty small place - everytime something fresh came out of the kitchen, the servers would ... read more
Vivian C. via - Jan 31, 2018
Very good Indian food. Environment is somewhat uptight. Medium high pricing, but delicious. Check for a groupon and you might get lucky.
Johnny D via - Jan 23, 2018
Eat here once a year
This restaurant has ecome a tradition on our way to Blue Genie Art Bazaar. Wouldn't be the same without a stop in here. Lamb is great, as are the sauces.
Grindoggie via - Jan 21, 2018
Best indian food in Austin!!
Liebre Verde via - Jan 20, 2018
Always fresh, this place is consistently good. I've enjoyed them for 15 years.
Susan Miller via - Jan 11, 2018
Good Indian food ... read more
Ankur A via - Jan 7, 2018
Good quality food. Nice clean ambience. Friendly staff. Reasonably priced.
Shwetha M via - Jan 5, 2018
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